Software Engineer / Teaching Assistant

  1. 50% of your time is spent to train new world class junior software developers
  2. The other 50% of your time will be either part of our product or marketing team.
    1. Our product team’s objective is to create/improve our tech products, for example our online learning portal.
    2. Our marketing team’s objective is to increase the enrolment of students over time across all our bootcamps through combining your engineering skills and marketing.

As a Special Ops Software Engineer at NEXT Academy, your goal is to apply software engineering skills to a whole spectrum of business problems. We don’t believe in just writing excellent software, we believe in writing amazing software that solves business problems.

Beyond functioning as a teaching assistant half the day, you spend the other half the day working as a team to understand various problems as well as objectives while devising, experimenting and executing strategies to fix/achieve a solution.

  • You know how to code pretty well.
  • You enjoy coding and the process of building software.
  • You enjoy coding long hours.
  • You want to and can relate software projects with business needs or are eager to learn how.
  • You build web apps/mobile apps.
  • You are unafraid to try new technology.
  • You enjoy learning.
  • You are comfortable working a data-driven environment.
  • You are comfortable vocalizing your opinion to management.
  • You have written test for software before.
  • You are comfortable working solo or as a team player.
  • Bonus: You are proficient in Ruby/Swift
  • Bonus: You have built production applications before
Our Commitment To Your Growth

This role exposes you to every aspect of running and growing a young venture backed company. You will attain the skills to be great entrepreneurs with rounded ability of identifying problems/objectives, brainstorming ideas and executing on solutions across all functions of a business.

On top of that, you will have the opportunity to speak with all the various teams within the company to understand the different skillsets and people.

The company will provide necessary resources to help you learn new things to get the job done as per requested and approved.

  • Base salary: RM2,500 - RM3,000 (plus monthly performance bonus)
"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"
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